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Are these tire sizes ok

Fronts are perfect! Most owners use 265/35/18 in the rear, but I have 275/35/18 on the same rim sizes. Wheel offsets will determine whether the 285 will stick out...
265 or 275/35 are the most popular rear size for 18 x 10 wheels.
265's will have a very very slight stretched look. The tires will have a little curve.

275's should fit like a glove.

285's should make the tires bulge at the sidewalls just a hair. Doesn't look bad in my opinion. But if I were to run 285's in the rear, I would want the rims to be 10.5 inches wide or 11 inches, because I like that very slight stretched look.

It also depends on what tires you are running.
285/30/18 if I remember correctly sits flush on 18x10 wheels. I had 275/35/18 and I thought it was too tall. I personally like how a 225/35/17 sits on a 17x8 wheel.
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Most 265/35-18 tires are approved for use on rims 9.0-11.0 inches wide, and should look perfect (not overly stretched or bulging) on an 18x9.5 or 18x10.