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ARK DT-S Exhaust Sound Test Video

26 July 2004
Hello Prime. I finally have mods on my car and my favorite one is the Ark DT-S exhaust with the Cantrell Headers.

Here is a short video showing in car and out of car sound clips of the new exhaust system.

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The car sounds and looks great!

Thanks for making / editing one of the most thorough exhaust clips with very detailed descriptions and examples.
this is probably the most accurate ARK DTS sound clip on the net. Good job, now all you need is a intake and the growl would be crazier from 4k thru redline.
i mated mine with a set of hiflow cats giving it a bit throatier sound.
Sounds good and the car looks nice BTW.
Great video! If you guys have a good speaker/sub setup for your computer, the bass of the exhaust in the low-end really comes through nicely. DT-S, DT-X, I can't decide!!!
Thanks for sharing the great video!

Personally, I found the DT-S alone slightly louder than stock without droning. With headers & hiflow cats, the sound got even deeper (as in the video). Finally with test pipes, I was able to achieve an even deeper screaming F1 sound. No rasping, but with more drone and exhaust fumes (which I don't mind too much).

BTW, ARK needs to make a dual canister titanium version which will surely sound wicked.