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Exhaust ARK Stainless Steel Exhaust

20 June 2017
San Francisco
For sale: a used ARK stainless steel catback muffler and exhaust. Based on photos, I believe this is the DT-S model, but I can't see any model numbers on the unit itself - hence the vague title. Used, but in excellent condition. Sold as-is, no explicit or implied warranty.
Asking $700 plus shipping and PayPal fees (if applicable), or a San Francisco Bay Area pick-up.

I can PM now, so feel free to contact me that way.


Left and right exhaust tip, interior

Left and right tip, exterior

I just bought my '96, and am restoring it to stock condition. The previous owner installed this exhaust sometime between 2014 and 2017, and so it has somewhere between 1,000 and 12,000 miles. It was professionally removed by Don of Hill Top Auto Services in Daly City, CA. The photos you see are of the exhaust right after Don removed it - I didn't bother cleaning it because it was in gorgeous shape. There is one small (1 cm) ding in the center of the rear muffler, which is visible in the first photo but would be invisible after mounting. As shown in the photos, the tips are in great shape, inside and out.

This exhaust definitely gives the engine note some edge. It's not "wake your neighbors" loud or anything, but it's a noticeably throatier, somewhat more metallic exhaust note.

Here's the retail website I used to match the photo. It retails for $1,899, and is listed to be compatible with the NA1 engine, 1991-1996.

SOLD 2017/9/1
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This available
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Sorry if this is a double-post - it looks like nothing of mine has been going through from when I switched from a new member to a regular member. I still have the exhaust, if you're interested. I left a voicemail a while back, but now that I can PM, you can contact me that way as well.
Hi Chris, I can't seem to PM you. If the exhaust is still available PM me. I'm local to you and can pick up the exhaust.