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attn Phenoix area NSXr's - new big brake kit - need a car for fitment

2 July 2000
Raleigh, NC
Hello all, Recently I have been speaking with Brian Hasty at Fastbrakes about a big brake upgrade for the NSX. If you guys are not aware of this company, they offer quite a few kits for civic/integra/eclipse owners (and others)priced very attractively. Here is a return email I have received from him:


I can certainly make up a kit for the NSX as it uses the same basic components of one of my other kits. The only thing I would need would be a car to do the final test fitting. If you know of anyone in the Phoenix area willing to donate an hour or two of their time, I could have something ready in a month or so.

The basic specs would be something like this:

12.2" x 1.25" thick rotors w/ aluminum mounting hats

4 piston differential bore billet calipers with 6 piston calipers optional

I can probably make this kit for approx $1100, $2100 with the 6 piston calipers.


Brian H "


From what I know of the NSX suspension, I should be able to push the rotor/caliper assembly closer to the inside so that it should clear the wheels without a spacer. I won't be able to confirm this until I put the rotor/caliper on the car and take measurements. Since I have a rotor hat already made in the correct bolt pattern and hub hole size, it will just be a matter of finalizing the hat depth, etc. I know the stock rotors are pretty short, so the ones I have may already be tall enough to provide the necessary clearances.

You can go ahead and ask for anyone to contact me for test fitting purposes.


Brian H"

Anyone interested? Private me at [email protected] or email Brian Hasty at
[email protected]. Thanks.

Sorry about the misspelling of Phoenix guys. I just realized that you can't edit the topic of the post. Oh well, my apoligies.

Originally posted by Jason Weaver:
Sorry about the misspelling of Phoenix guys. I just realized that you can't edit the topic of the post. Oh well, my apoligies.

Jason, Who cares about spelling, lets talk brakes. (g) I'd love to help discover a new brake package. Tell your friend at FastBrakes that there is always three or four NSX's here at Basch, including mine, and would be happy to help test fit stuff if he can load it into his car and come on over. Ask him to give me a call.
602 244 8010 shop or 602 549 0999 cell

Brian Hasty at FastBrakes is a good guy. I do regular biz with him. Up to this point, he has several brake kits using Wilwood components for the Integra, Civic and several other sport compact vehicles.

Another low-cost NSX brake kit would be nice...

Mark and others, I have passed on the word to Brian this afternoon via email. Hopefully he will be in touch with you either over the weekend or first of the week. He seems to be a wonderful guy with excellent products priced fairly. Hopefully we will have another big brake kit to choose from soon! Private me at [email protected] if you have any questions or can give me any final info on the east coast install party for the superchargers!


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