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attn: RyRy210

7 December 2001
Raleigh, NC
RyRy210, or anyone else who can help...I've got a couple of questions about your wheels. I've got a set of Volk TE-37's as well and was thinking about having them machined. A friend of mine saw your car and showed it to me and now I definitely know I want to do it!! Your wheels, and CAR, are both georgous!! I read your post when you had it done, but I was just wandering if everything came out looking like you want. I'm just a little leery about having a basically brand new set of rims refinished. I don't want anyone to screw them up. And approximately how much does it cost to get them machined (if you don't mind me asking)? I live in Raleigh, NC and don't know if anyone around here does this sort of thing. Any info or suggestions you or anyone else could give me would be great. Thanks!!
Thanks JLmax for the compliments. I don't exactly remember the cost to machine, but it is the same price for repairing any damaged wheel. I think any shop that specializes in repairing wheels can do the job. You should call and ask around for prices. There was a member here on NSX prime that refinished his TE-37s to match the Integra Type R OEM finish for his Integra Type R. It was a great idea! I liked the TE-37s but Bronze and White didn't quite seem like a good match for a red car. So I decided to have it refinished to match the finish on the OEM NSX wheels - the blades silver/machined finish. I sent WCC pics of the TE-37s to see if this wheel could be machined. Apparently not all wheels can be machined, it depends on how the face of the wheel looks like. WCC gave me the OK and I sent the wheels in. The wheels I sent in were bronze TE37s. After WCC received the wheels they gave me a call regarding how I would like the wheel refinished. It turns out that the Bronze TE37s is an anondized finish, not a traditionl painted finish. I had 2 choices, (1)to leave it bronze and have them paint the silver over the bronze, then machine the face and then apply clear coat, which is the cheaper route, or (2) to have the anondized coating chemically stripped, then apply the silver, then machine the face and then apply clear coat, which is the more expensive route. Visually it will be the same, the difference is for the wheel that is not chemically stripped, the bronze finish will show if the silver painted finish is damaged. I went with the more expensive route and had it chemically stripped to the bare aluminum. The center caps were plastic so I just had them paint it to match the silver accents of the wheel. I was very pleased with the results. I'm thinking if I had to do it over I might have bought the white TE-37s, providing it is a painted finish, to save on the cost of chemically stripping the anondized finish. If you have any more questions feel free to email me at [email protected]. Hope this helps.