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Austin/Central TX Mechanics

HNA Automotive in San Antonio. Scott Oliver. You can search for address and more info.

Do you happen to be the new owner of the 92 red / black with supercharger?

Thanks Norm. I am not and dont think I have seen that one. Been browsing for a few months now and looking to buy one soon. Just thinking ahead I suppose..haha.

I bet you have some good driving roads outside of Wimberley :smile:
A friend of mine from Houston sold his NSX a couple of weeks ago through a dealer in Austin. Someone got a really great car.

Hope you find the right car. Be patient and be careful.

If you need a pre-purchase inspection in central Texas, Scott is your guy!

Good luck!

I haven't found a good shop in Austin for involved engine maintenance so I just end up doing it myself. Avoid David McDavid Acura, they have some of the most incompetent techs I've ever encountered.

For basic suspension and brake work like alignments, tire mounting and balancing, parts swaps, etc. SoulSpeed is great.

Berlis is good for body and paint work, they do a lot of high end aluminum and exotic vehicles in general and are very good at extracting money from stingy insurance providers. Last time I was there getting my 5-series repaired they had an Imola orange NSX in for work.
Thanks MotorMouth. I just acquired a red NSX-T from another Prime user from Houston. I'll check out Sterling Acura because of proximity to where I live and their site says they have 2 NSX techs on staff. I'll need to have the brake master cylinder and windshield washer pump replaced and will report back!
Highly recommend HNA automotive in SA. Owner Scott Oliver is awesome. Was an NSX certified mechanic for Acura until he opened his own shop. Don't go anywhere else. He knows absolutely everything about these cars and is just an awesome guy. Takes care of dozens and dozens of us NSX enthusiasts. He has taken care of 3 different NSX's for me.
This is all good info, I'm the Austin owner of the the 92 red / black supercharger purchased back in June [MENTION=3738]Norm[/MENTION]. I heard a sad back story about the previously owner selling the car, really hope it's not true!
I talk with him regularly. He is happy with his Porsche. Just had too many cars and wasn't driving the NSX.

You got a great car! Best SC NSX I have ever been in / driven.

Long story short, there aren't really any mechanics in Austin I'd trust for involved NSX maintenance so I just do everything myself and occasionally help out other owners. David Chavez used to be the go to guy a long time ago but I don't believe he still does that, I think he just teaches at ACC now.

I got burned badly by David McDavid Acura a few years ago so absolutely do not go there, they almost ruined my cylinder heads and camshafts among other things.

For suspension stuff like alignments or corner balancing that require very special tooling I go to Soul Speed down in Kyle.
Thanks for the info! I'm North Austin so I was really hoping for something, but tough luck. I remember Soul Speed was on North Lamar back in the day when they first opened... unless this is another one.
Any recommendations for a NSX (1995) mechanic in the Austin, Texas area? Several years ago I stopped using David McDavid Acura (now Acura of North Austin) because they didn't have knowledgeable NSX mechanics. Does anyone have experience with getting their NSX serviced at Sterling Acura of Austin, or any other company that services NSX in the Austin area?