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Auto owner looking for advice on light power boost


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3 February 2000
I'm catching up on e-mails from the past month (way behind). Can you guys give this gentleman some input? I'm directing him to this thread.

For complex reasons, like $, I have the Sports Stick, and have never really regretted it. I know on a race track that the Manual will be faster and more pleasurable, but my car is still an NSX and magnificent on the reality of public roads. But I would like to have the engine produce the 270bhp/torque of the manual; for bragging rights mainly, since the car is still faster than most on the roads here. And I enjoy the GT cruising experience of the car, and would not want a loud droning exhaust at cruising. More noise at acceleration is fine, as the present sounds super ---  So suggestions please --- my needs are modest!      Alan Manson CANADA
Originally posted by nsxtasy:
But beyond that, to gain the few horsepower that Alan is seeking, he could upgrade headers, exhaust, and intake, in that order.

Are you really tapping the power and if so under what conditions? If you are then I agree with Ken on his order of mods. Actaully you might get more enjoyment out of first modifying the suspension with sway bars. They will definitely allow you to go through the turns faster. The only place I've noticed my SportShifter being down on power is from a standing start or going down a long (and I do mean long) straight. Just my thoughts.


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This Canadian thanks the many reponses, almost all of them suggesting that I first look to improve my driving (thanks!) and then second to fit Headers. To the first, we can all drive better and should try to do so. However the roads here do not respond to that as they are incredibly boring, with few corners worth worrying about. Pity but true. I grew up in NZ, the land of wonderful roads many of which were like race tracks---so I am fairly handy with that. Here acceleration as I pass, or prepare to make a pass, are the biggest issue. So I make my own 'corners'. And for that I would like, but don't need, that little more power---why?-- because I enjoy that! Excuse me for being human and an NSX enthusiast! After all the 1997 has more power---why?! And to the comrade who asks if I am using all there is at the present---Yes. I use it all and enjoy it all---thanks for asking. Alan Manson