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Autographed Zanardi Diecast NSX

28 March 2002
I met Alex Zanardi at the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona and was able to get him to sign my Zanardi diecast NSX (twice!)






amazing memory for any auto-fan...
WARNING: Non-NSX content follows! :biggrin:

I've been a Scott Pruett fan since I saw him in Miami in 1985. At the time he drove the Roush Motorcraft Mustang (the livery of which was resurrected this past Rolex 24 by the Ford GT - how's that for making this content relevant?). Somewhere along the line I bought the GMP model of that Mustang. Then in 1995 when Indy Cars visited downtown Miami for a Grand Prix, Pruett was there. I showed up around 7am on a Friday or Saturday, hung out by the team truck, and when I saw Scott, I pulled out the model and a Sharpie and asked him to sign it, which he smiled and graciously did. Mission accomplished, I didn't even stay to watch the racing.
What a moment in time, Bob!

Zanardi Ed. Diecast NSX:$1000

Alex Zanardi's Signature:$????

Signed (2x's) Zanardi Edition Diecast NSX: Priceless

There are some things money can't buy, including (now) one-of-a-kind NSX memorabilia!
That is Really neat! :)
Total BS, Photoshop. Fake.

Update: Hello. Just kidding, busting chops and frankly jealous

What an item, You most likely won't see another one signed TWICE no less. Cool score Bob. Exclusive.
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