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Autolamps does not screw people!

2 August 2001
Hawthorne NJ
As the author of the NSX install procedures and working with Autolamps and Lud to help me develop the kit for OUR cars, I have been patiently sitting on the sidelines for weeks listening to what’s been going on. Justin has been personally emailing me all of his correspondences with Autolamps. I did not want to comment publicly on this subject because I did not want my comments to be perceived as biased. I want to make it clear that I am just a NSX owner here in N.J. USA and that I have never profited from this project in any way shape or form.

I want to explain the history of this project for everyone. I first tried and was successful on installing a first generation HID kit from Taiwan. I had to cut up my endcaps, bulb retainer clips etc… I found after all my hard work (many hours) and the cutting up of my NSX; the kit was not beam pattern correct! I had no useable beam pattern at night; I mean the lighting was terrible. I certainly did not want others to go through that because it was NOT WORTH IT! With all of that hard work I had no idea of who to turn to for support. At that time I decided to research thoroughly the subject of HID conversions, which to my shame I did not before I originally bought. I then did a search on the Internet for HID, and found the Phillips lighting forum. A lot of ideas and information was exchanged there regarding HID conversions. And like some forums out there you do not know whom to believe. I found countless other people spending thousands of dollars searching for blue HID lighting and getting outright screwed with junk like mine. There was a lot of confusion on the forum and some dealers out there (I will not say any names) just turning their backs on people and not providing any real support. Anyway these people on the forum got what I got, basic 9006 halogen bases glued onto HID bulbs, junk to say the least. Well, there were still a lot of difficult questions that no one could answer or provide support concerning HID conversions except one company, Autolamps. Every time there was a dispute or false information or a question that no one could answer, Autolamps always stepped in and straightened it all out with clear FACTS. I took notice to this and decided to ask Autolamps if they could help me with my problem. I knew from past posts and answers on the Phillips that this company seemed to be the experts on aftermarket-HID conversions. From many others on the Phillips forum, even moderators, I found out that the founder of Autolamps used to work for Phillips and was personally involved in the development of HID technology and was well respected as a leader in HID conversions. Well that was enough for me to except them as an authority and give them a chance. I was weary because of my last experience. But I wanted HID in my well-deserved NSX!

Autolamps explained to me what the problem was with my junk kit. They told me what to say and ask for from the manufacture from Taiwan. I then worked with the manufacture of that kit with the guidance of Autolamps and had to ship my bulbs to Taiwan to get them repaired. The beam pattern situation was corrected and repaired. So after the repair via the manufacture I sold that kit.

Now it was time to try the Autolamps kit. For the money and free shipping and most importantly support there was no doubt that this was the next kit to try. So I ordered a base 9006 kit from Autolamps. Well with all that said I took this base 9006 kit and found that I could make this a NSX standard Plug and Play kit. I found that the base could fit behind the stock end caps without any modification, WOW, was I excited! Now the only problem was to get the high volt wire in the headlamp assembly without any drilling. Well we all know that this was accomplished by using the stock wire harness route. This was an exciting time for me and was just what I needed to keep up on my cathexis with my NSX while it was sitting in the garage with snow outside.

Gentlemen, I personally took my car apart a dozen times taking digital photos and risking scratching etc. so others could install this kit with minimal risk. I did not get paid for it but I did it because like other NSX owners that have helped out in other areas for the NSX, and continue to do so, (which I thought very admirable), I to wanted to join that list in the NSX community. Just for an example as we all are aware of, LUD the biggest contributor of all, for giving us NSXPRIME. And by the way Lud would not let me use the words “plug and play” unless it was in fact plug and play. So after he read, professionally edited the “install article, it was approved as “plug and play by Lud. I want to say as I have before, I found it very rewarding to work with Lud and his expertise, I also found it very rewarding to work with Autolamps and their expertise. Now let me remind everyone that Autolamps DID NOT raise the price of their base 9006 kit for us NSXers. They have to make modifications to their base 9006 kit to work for us and compared to the base 9006 kit which they will sell in much higher numbers I thought this to be very admirable of them since there profit margin will be lower with the NSX kit. But Autolamps being the friend that they are to the NSX community they kept the price the same as the base 9006 kit.

Gentlemen I want to make this very clear that I feel Autolamps is and will continue to be the leader in HID conversion technology. They have supported my efforts to develop this kit for the NSX without raising their already low price of $600 dollars. The fact is you cannot make everyone happy. But the numbers speak for themselves; there are many, many NSX owners that are happy with the kit compared to one person’s bad experience. We have all read about the happy customers, and like many out there we are all waiting for Lud’s personally opinion of his kit and install.

I thank Autolamps for making good on this unfortunate situation with Justin. And I say publicly as I said personally through emails to Justin while he was having tough times with his kit, if Justin goes with another kit from Autolamps, he can ship me his headlamp assemblies and I will personally install and test in my own car the lights to make sure all goes smooth. That’s how much confidence I have in this kit! Thank you Autolamps for your support thanks to Lud for NSXPrime and thanks to all who have ordered this kit.

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Done Lud, thanks for the guidance, whats right is right.

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I read these boards pretty regularly and this is the first time I have seen this post. I read through it with great interest as I have the HID kit on order.

I appreciate all you have done for the NSX community and believe we all profit from various people testing out and trying new products.

Once again thanks dochartung for all of your hard word installing and testing this new HID setup.

As I am writing this I see that nsxtasy has edited his previous post, I am glad as I feel his original post was in poor taste.
First off... let me just say that I respect and appreciate what you've done. You have benefited the communtiy...

However, just because you have had success with a vendor doesn't mean that everyone has. If i had purchased the kit, and had justins problems, i probably wouldn't have been as forward as him, and I probably wouldn't have got resolution to the situation. Before I go to a vendor... I want to see all the feedback... good and bad ... regardless of what the vendor has done to "benefit the community.".

Anyhow, anyone who takes the time to read that thread will come to the conclusion at which point resolution has been made. So this thread is dead.
thanks for the detailed update, doc. as another poster noted, identical experiences with vendors may not occur.
Gentlemen, let me show you the post I posted multiple times maybe 5 at most on the NSXSC site:

"Hello gents sorry for the delay posting this response. The only PLUG & PLAY kit available for the NSX was developed by: http://www.autolamps-online.com/

This is the best available kit and for $600 bucks with free shipping you will not find a better kit for the NSX with NO modifications regardless of what anyone says period!

With the help of me an NSX owner I wanted this technology in my car. I developed the install procedure and with the help of LUD from NSXPRIME, it is now posted on his site in the "FAQ" section. There is also a running thread at the prime site with some pics to check out.

Dr. Darren Hartung"

The reason that I posted this was because there were several running threads on the NSXSC site about HID, some started by me with my previous name Oakland and some started by others. I was not sure if the people over on the NSXSC site knew about the current thread on the Prime site showing pics etc. So I thought I was helping out by guiding others to the Prime site to see for themselves. And thanks to JohnDoe for the pics.

Thanks Lud.

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Originally posted by justin hall:
jeezus, how about sending dochartung or Lud an e-mail instead of lambasting him publicly?

By the way. I agree with you.
JChoice I have edited my message. I just want to make it clear that I felt that your choice or words in your post title was, well inapproprite, at least from my stand point. I appologize if I insulted you in any way shape or form. But I still disagree with the term "Screwed". But if this is what you felt you needed to use to get resolution, than what's been said has been said. Like I stated before Mr Choice, I do not profit in any way shape or form. I guess I just have a little pride in this kit and show my appreciation to Nick for his time in helping me and others out in the NSX comunity. As far as my multiple posts, again these posts were made to running threads that had questions to the Autolamps kits from some time ago that I felt where not fully answered, so I took the liberty of answering them, just in case someone did not see the best thread on the NSXPRIME site, which by the way had pics from JohnDoe showing the kit installed and at light up. If the moderators feel that they are inappropriate than let them delete them, I would not complain a bit. Anyway my appologys again and I hope all in the future works out. If you need any help in the future with the HID's in your car just email me, we will try and get together. By the way do you have pics to the other kits? Do they install with no modification? What are the prices?
Everyone please take a deep breath. It is just a fact of life that not everyone will be happy with every vendor no matter what. What matters is that these issues can be discussed without resorting to personal attacks.

At least one participant (nsxtasy) in this thread has gone back and cleaned up the messages he felt were inflamatory. I'd like to ask everyone else to do the same.