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Automatic Climate Control

25 July 2011
D.C./ MD
My air conditioning only blows on the maximum cooling setting. There's nothing coming out when on manual. I know all 91's and some of the 92's did this but are there any ideas about why a 97 would do this?
Is this an issue for Brain K?
Thanks for the responses. My baby is now in the very capable hands of Ben at Daisy Auto. He's finding lots of things that should have been but never were addressed (or properly addressed) before I bought her nearly a year ago. I'm looking forward to being reunited with her after these issues have been resolved. Ben is great at keeping me in the loop. I feel as though I'm right in the shop with them.
it can happen to any year,i think the boards are all the same.i'm having that too.emailed brian k,who said my climate control circuit board is out,and i have a new one to put in from him.
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The car is back from Ben at Daisy Auto and I'm in heaven. Now I know what a new NSX is like to own. Everything now works and after the massaging by Ben, the car and the driving experience are even better than when I bought the 97 a year ago. To say I'm happy with the top shelf service and attention to detail by Ben and his shop would be a gross understatement. He's won a customer for life and I have gained a new friend. If you've got a car you love, Daisy Auto should be first on your speed dial.