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Automobile 2002 NSX review

13 May 2001
Chicago, IL
in February 2002 issue of Automobile (cover includes an NSX-looking Caddy Cien).

... there's also a tiny new lip spoiler at the trailing edge of the trunk, underneath the rear wing, which helps lower the coefficient of drag from 0.32 to 0.30. The improved aerodynamics nudge top speed from 168 to 175 mph..."

"... we doubt this tweaking is extensive enough to help much; its also a half-dozen years overdue. Unfortunately, the beauty of the NSX remains its advanced aluminum chassis and suspension. Maybe rather than orange or blue, the body should be clear."

(article by Joe Lorio)
(excerpted without permission)

Manuel C

A friend and I were discussing how the "face-lifted" NSX would be looked upon by the automotive world and I am afraid my fears are coming true. Instead of hearing how great the NSX has been and still is.....I am hearing comments of "how this is long overdue" and "the car is still outdated."

One one hand, I would be excited to see our baby put up head to head against the top cars in the world in the various mags, but it could just turn into a bash the NSX fest. But maybe it will legitimize the NSX as one of the great cars of all time....we will see...
in my opinion it's nothing more than jealousy...

those who love ferraris, porsches, etc, just can't stand the thought that a car exists that's every bit as nice as theirs and, in many cases, nicer, yet you can get it out of the service department for less than a couple of hundred bucks for a normal service. this car can also be both an everyday driver and a weekend race car if you so desire.

there is no doubt in my mind that the NSX is a marvel of engineering in many ways...

yep, jealousy explains it...

1998 NSX-T
Red / Tan

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The reviews of the 2002 seem very negatively biased so far.

They talk more about the fact it's been out for 11 years than about the car itself.

I wonder if the response would've been less negative if they upped the HP instead of redesigning it? That's all people seem to care about anyway.
I bet if they had bumped the HP to 315, nobody would be complaining in the reviews. They would probably be all praise again. IMO they really should have bumped the HP with the refresh.. I think that was a mistake.

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