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Autowave did a First Class job

4 April 2011
Fountain Hills, AZ
I just wanted to give a shout out and thumbs up to Autowave in Huntington Beach, CA. I had an issue with my F/IC and the tuning for my twin turbo system. Once at Autowave, we also found a coolant leak at the rear head/block location so the motor needed to be pulled. Upon inspection we found two (2) head bolts had pulled from the block. They gave me the option of just time-serting those two bolts are all of them. I chose all of them.

During the weeks the car was in the shop, they discovered several other items. They always brought it to my attention (whether I wanted to hear about it or not) and gave me the options as to remove/replace, or band-aid, or ignore for now. Yes it cost more than I wanted but in the end I could not be more happy with the car, it's performance and the service provided. They are meticulous.

Thanks again to Shane, Mike and Ron. A great vendor and supporter of the NSX community.
Simply; +1...I just wish they were open on weekends:biggrin: