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Average miles on 91-94's?

Miles on your 91-94

  • 10-30k

    Votes: 22 13.8%
  • 30-50k

    Votes: 38 23.8%
  • 50-70k

    Votes: 34 21.3%
  • 70-90k

    Votes: 29 18.1%
  • 90-110k

    Votes: 14 8.8%
  • over 110k

    Votes: 23 14.4%

  • Total voters


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12 April 2005
San Clemente Ca.
over 100k

They say ave is 5k a year on NSX's?
Just curious.
Just turned 26k for 92

3k miles total in past 2 years of ownership. 1.5k of which are from this year alone, been drving it much more often now :smile:
Just passed the 110K mark with my '92. Had the t-belt job at 90K, and had to fix the AC once. Other than that, nothing but scheduled maintenance. That Honda is incredible, especially considering I track it a lot!

I wonder how many Ferraris have over 100K?
Although low milage may signify less use, better condition..etc. I think overall maintenance record and history is more important than looking at the milage alone.

Make sure to get the complete maintenance history if possible when looking :)
107K on my '92 which I hardly drive anymore because I'm trying to put miles on another car so I can work on it. Man, I'm getting sick of that other car. ;)
Psychobiology said:
39k miles on my '91. I'm getting close to 40k miles...boo! :mad:

Im at 39,780 and its very depressing :frown:
Average mileage on 91-94s is likely in the 50-75k range.

I bought my 93 with 71k. It has close to 94k now and should be at 100k by the end of the year. :biggrin:

It is not that I want to see her flip 100k, I just look forward to another 6000 miles driving her . . .
Sockeye said:
Bought mine 7 weeks ago with 44.25k it now has 45.6k. I cant stop driving it. :biggrin:

Sockeye, that avitar may be the best on prime! Too bad we cant have animated avitars, I hear she was great in that movie... :biggrin: :wink:
polled and on my 93 18800Kms ~ 11750 miles...sounds even better in miles !!...I can only admire it for so long before ya just gotta take it for a drive :biggrin: ... :frown: may have to change the original rear tyres soon..gettin a bit low .. :rolleyes:
by looking at some of the miles some of you have...I'm wondering if you enjoy looking at it in the garage more then driving it :confused:

I'm guessing those with the higher mileage have had more fun :biggrin:

My 91 had 69K on her when I sold her :frown: ....I put 16K on her the two years I had her...I miss that car!!!

On the hunt for another one soon!!! :biggrin: