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AVIC D3 installation

19 January 2001
Chandler, AZ
We finished the installation of a customer's car which was modified extensively. The center console along with the rest of the interior trim pieces were removed. The center console was modified to accept the AVIC D3. The metalized film which was severely wrinkled from the AZ heat was ground down on all of the interior pieces. Next, they were shot in the car's body color (Midnight Pearl). The factory stereo speakers were removed and replaced with the ScienceofSpeed Audiophile Stg 2 package. The AVIC D3 was installed using the ScienceofSpeed stereo bracket set. In addition, the interior was converted from tan to black using a combination of factory parts and seat recovering. The outcome was great! This car has the best sounding stereo system I've heard with a truly modern interior with featuring an excellent navigation system. I only wish I had better photos to share with actual screen shots from the head unit.

products used:

Pioneer AVIC D3:

ScienceofSpeed Proformance Audiophile System (Stage 2):

ScienceofSpeed stereo bracket kit:

hi Leo --

The dash shown is the factory dash modified to accept the double DIN. We did this for the customer, but it's not something we specialize in. The guys at Highline are offering this though here:

This way is probably best if you're looking for the most "factory" setup. This setup above looking like it may have come from Honda.

-- Chris
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Chris, when I go to your website, I can't find the entire centre dash (including clock surround), but only the double din overlay. Am I missing something?

SOS used to carry fiberglass replacement consoles, but they have since stopped as of ~1 year ago (perhaps longer?)
OMG That is sooooooo sick!

Can we see some more pics in bright sunlight? That looks really clean.. I think I'll be doing this mod soon :D'

And who's NSX is this? I'm trying to get an idea of how many MP's are in the Southwest..... :)
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