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AWESOME Allstate Agent

21 November 2006
Wussup Vegas peeps,

Just wanted to share as good as an experience one can have with an insurance agent. After being divorced since February, and after 3 different phone calls, my current State Farm agency still has not been able to split up my insurance policies leaving it a joint account with my ex, and mailing all my statements & renewal notices to my old address. As of writing this, I am still waiting for them to call me back to confirm the change. With that said, I need a new insurance agent for my cars/home/life. I called Mike from Wholesale Connection because he just raved about his agent some time ago, but I just wasn't in the market to change insurance companies. So I gave his guy a call & this guy is simply awesome. A pleasure to speak too & ultra responsive to my emails & phone messages. Granted, he's trying to earn my business, whereas State Farm already had it, but since yesterday, he has called me back 3 or 4 times in response to my questions via email, plus his original call back after leaving his assistant with my details. Anyways, it's seldom I can honestly say I truly enjoy a conversation with someone who wants to sell me something, but I honestly did, and from my experience thus far, he seems to really care about his clients best interests. As for the savings, I only have a rough estimate because my old policies through State Farm are in limbo:

2 Cars - 98 Maxima & 92 NSX - Saving approximately $200 - $300 a year
Home Owners Insurance - Saving approximately $100 a year(Current Homeowners Policy through American Family)
Life - Still working on the details, and I'm actually changing my terms, so I can't compare these two

Oh yeah, he also writes for Hagerty, which is who I will be insuring the NSX through. As mentioned on past threads, Hagerty insures an agreed upon dollar amount, versus the market/book value of your car, so I know exactly how much I will get in the event of a loss. Only downside, they will only insure your NSX if it's a second/part time vehicle. The plus side, their annual policy is only $100 more than my 6 month policy through State Farm & quote from Allstate. So I save quite a bit going through Hagerty, but I did lose my multicar discount through Allstate, so my premium on the 98 Maxima went up. But all in all, I'm saving about $200 to $300 a year, going this route, versus both cars insured under Allstate, plus I feel better knowing exactly what Hagerty will pay me in the event of a loss.

All in all, I'm ecstatic with the level of service I am getting from my new Allstate agent. Even if I wasn't saving a few bucks, or even paid a little more, I would keep my policies with his agency because I honestly think that if shit hit the fan, he'd be there to do everything he can to help, and that's not an easy message to convey to a brand spankin' new customer...

If anyone's in the market for a new agent or would like to get a quote, here's his contact information:

Kevin Hiew
Hiew Agency
Allstate Agent
6288 Spring Mountain Rd. Suite 100
[email protected]

I think I'm done now...=)