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awesome So. Cal. service experience

28 July 2005
Santa Clarita Valley
We all treasure our cars the same and when it's time for a little work to be done we want nothing but the best for our babies. So I have to take a few moments and tell you guys about my last service experience. After speaking with Mike Stilwell, Service Manager at Keys Acura and NSX owner, I decided to take my car to Keyes Acura in Van Nuys to have the timing belt/water pump/belts done, you guys know the package. Mike is also an NSX owner and NSX Prime reader (mike 5261) with a red '91 that has 345,000 miles on the odometer!!! :eek: With no engine rebuild. If I didn't see it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it...but I did. Just goes to show you if we take care of our cars they will last a long long time. The fact that Mike owns a NSX and that they service so many weighed heavily in my decision to go there; and I gotta tell ya, they did an awesome job of taking care of me and my car. Josh Jacob, a real car guy and NSX enthusiast is the Assistant Service Manager who initially checked me in at my scheduled time and got everything started. Mike was in daily contact with me to keep me informed of how things were progressing, and once all the parts were in the job was completed on the day promised and the car runs great! I couldn't be happier with the service I received from Mike and the crew at Keyes Acura. So if you're in So. Cal I think you should definitely consider seeing Mike and the boys at Keyes Acura when your next service is due. Thanks again Mike (mike 5261), see ya on the streets.
Glad you had a good experience there. I've been there several times and have had very, very bad experiences. It's too bad they have the only decent shop up in the Valley area. Josh is a great guy though, hope he's enjoying his Z06.
Just curious. What does that service cost in Southern Cali? Did you have more than what you mentioned done?
Cost $1700, I also had them change out the coolent hoses, better safe than sorry.
ebenson said:
Cost $1700, I also had them change out the coolent hoses, better safe than sorry.
Very wise and very reasonable price. I am pleasantly surprised.
Soon after posting on this thread that I had bad experiences at Keyes, I got a PM from Josh Jacob wanting to set everything correct. Josh made it clear he wanted me to be a happy customer. So recently, after my car threw a CEL for one of the O2 sensors, I decided to take the car back and have them service it as well as take care of a noise I was having after my clutch was replaced at Keyes.

The O2 sensor was replaced under the extended emissions warranty. The clunk noise I was getting under acceleration they fixed with an engine settling procedure and tightening up another loose part. The other bad experience I had was when my WW front lip was scratched badly when I dropped it off for service. Josh offered to repaint it for me for free but he was being so helpful I politely declined. Besides, the lip gets rock chips and I touched the area up where it got scratched pretty good. The gesture to repair was worth as much or more than having it repainted.

He set me up with a TSX loaner car and I got my car back the next day. I forgot to mention Keyes has moved across the street into a brand new facility. They have an underground, air conditioned service bay so your car doesn't sit out in the sun anymore. The service area would make Paul Sr. proud as it's clean as heck and it's BIG. Everything in there is new, it's state of the art. I wish I had brought my camera there to take pictures, you would be impressed.

I just wanted to say that Josh is a stand-up guy and Keyes is a great dealership. I didn't hound them or even ask them to do anything for me. I was just going to chalk my prior experience up as a bad one and take my business elsewhere. But Josh and his team made it their priority to provide excellent service and delight their customers. They did more than enough to earn my business back.

Thanks Josh,

I am glad you guys have a guy to go to......the rest of us go to Jon Martin at Southbay Acura in Torrance 310-539-3636....he is also an nsx owner and very knowledgeable in building the cars for whatever application you are looking for......n/a, supercharge, turbo etc........
We do have a good selection of places to go to here in SoCal, we're very fortunate. Starting from the south, there's Green Light, Niguel Motors, South Coast, Autowave, Southbay then Keyes. There are a few others in between I may have missed but we have many great options.

I do have to say this experience with Keyes turned everything around. My car was serviced by a guy who was trained in Japan by Honda to work on the NSX but his name eludes me. My car when serviced stayed securely locked up underground and that means a lot when your car is allergic to the sun and filled with expensive electronics. Josh is the service manager and even he is very knowledgable on the car. With this team and the awesome new dealership, this is where I'm going from now on. The big service bay also means I can get my car worked on in a timely manner. Funny story, once I tried to take my NSX to Acura 101 next to where I live and since that dealership has such a tiny service bay, they could not even look at my car until 2 weeks later!
wow sorry man....... i am glad you are happy now ;) now help me mod this thing we call stock bose speakers :eek: :biggrin: i just got my speakers back from bose not too long ago and they crackle when I try to crank it up :frown: just ask hal he heard it. :tongue: snap! crackle! pop! rice crispeys! :biggrin:
Driving down Kanan on the way to Keyes, I got a rare alert on the Ka band of my Bel RX75 Pro. From the side, I spotted him and attempted to pull him over for littering radar. I had my camera with me so I had to take pix. He better get some pop mode if he wants to be an F-117.

Clickable images

Traffic was bad so I got to Keyes kinda late. This is a shot of the new dealership. No way, the signs on the cars say that they're having a sale!


This is the entrance to the service area. The bright corridor you see in the back is the ramp that leads to the underground service area.


I am told this is the largest Acura service bay in the country. 22 lifts with room to grow to 26. It also has a carwash area. Prime member Mike5261 told me the intent of the larger service bay is to cater more to the NSXs. They have several NSX mechanics and have had up to 11 NSXs in for service all at once. There is a left side and a right side. I didn't take a picture that captured both sides. This is all underground and air conditioned.








This is the area where your car will get washed.


Mike's 346,662 mile odometer reading. Still counting...

My car, parked in front of it's hospital.

Vizal said:
Holy man. I initially read it as 46,XXX I gotta see how the car looks...

The car doesn't look that bad. It's a red with black roof. His seats are stock and boy do those bolsters show some gettin in and out. :) The paint on the hood is original and shows fading. Front bumper repainted and looks great. Some work done here and there but I've seen 91s with way less mileage in worse shape. :) The car still runs strong and is only gaining 11k miles per year at this moment. You would never guess by seeing it that it has over 300k miles.

That car has seen more things in it's 14 years than most people twice its age. It has a well documented service history and the owner Mike who sometimes frequents Prime will be happy to show it to you next time you show up at Keyes. From what I understand, it's been regularly serviced by Acura at Keyes. Mike is the guy that found my post on Prime and informed Josh to PM me to correct the situation.
Good to know.
I did talk to Josh years ago when my ABS was acting up.
I bought a used '95 ABS but I have not installed it yet because the noise went away and ABS have been working fine.
At that time, I think the NSX tech's name is Victor.
I have not been to the new dealership, have to check it out.
Hey Mailibu this is NSXB, I'm the guy who started this thread. I'm glad to see that you, Josh and Mike are back on good terms. Those guys went above and beyond to take care of me and my baby. You've got an awesome looking car and I think it's in good hands at Keyes Acura. Thanks for providing us with the pics of the new dealership and service dept. I haven't been down there since late August and the place looks awesome. I'm definitely going to "hit up" Mike or Josh for a quick tour of the place the next time I'm in. You got a good looking ride brotha', enjoy it.