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Axle Hop?!?!?


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13 May 2000
Lake oswego, OR
Ocassionally, when leaving the line under heavy throttle application, the car starts to shake violently, and you can feel the rear wheels losing contact with the ground. After numerous axle hopping experiences in my Solid axle Mustang, I can only conclude that my NSX is now exhibiting the same characteristics as the 'Stang off the line.
The car did not do this sort of thing when I first owned it, and has started doing this only recently. I currently have the CT Coilovers, and the CT Sway bars, but am not quite sure whether they are the reason for the hop. Do I need to adjust my Camber/Caster settings? or the Sway Bars? Or the Koni shocks? or maybe all 3?

'91 Black/Black #1213
Dali Clutch/Flywheel
Comptech Sway Bars
RM Cold Air Intake
Comptech/Supertrapp Exhaust
Comptech SS Brake Lines
Porterfield R4S Brake Pads
Comptech harness bar and Simpson 4 point Harness
Comptech Coilovers
Wheel hop during a hole shot is a problem in these cars due to the nature of the suspension. I don't know why you would have the problem now, but not before, unless is the sway bar. If you are at the drag strip you might try unhooking the end links - that is what I do now.
In stock form the NSX resists wheel hop pretty well for a car with independent rear suspension (much better than say a newer Mustang w/ IRS) because it has a lot of weight on the back wheels.

But when you start tinkering with things, you can make things too stiff back there which will cause it to hop on launch. As Dave said try unhooking the end links. If your Konis are not set soft, dial them down so they are. You do not need to mess with your alignment (there is no caster on the rear anyway).
Thanks for the insightful response Chris

Unhooking the end links means disconnecting the sway bar correct?
Ahh Axle-Hop, now there is something I am familiar with...

Tell them about your "test drive" of my new car Edo
...he tried to kill my new car...that bastard.
Tell them about your "test drive" of my new car Edo
...he tried to kill my new car...that bastard.

Hey, I thought that word was reserved for ME!