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Ayotte Technologies Rear Camber Kit

26 January 2001
San Diego, CA
My car is lowered greater than 2.5" and the best alignment figures, performed by Darin at West End alignment in LA (Los Angeles), could do for the rear was -3.5° camber and 3/16" total toe. For regular driving....Yikes!!
After a long trip (see link),http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1007684

I ruined a set of new T1-R and I knew my time is up for waiting to install the kit before my tire budget goes broke. My tires were eaten up pretty quick. After going through tires too easily I knew I needed to install Ayotte’s rear camber kit.

I contacted Thom a week before Hurricane Gustav came through town to see if he would install the kit. It wasgood timing to perform while I was taking part of the evacuation from LA. I arrived Saturday morning. Thom and I installed the aggressive kit and it took around 4 hours;could have been quicker but he allowed me to perform much of the install to help me get familiar with my car. The process went flawlessly, everything pressed-out and pressed-in smoothly as intended. The ball joints were a little stubborn, but the Honda Tool proved to be pretty good; once the tool is on and tightened, bang the end of the tool with a hammer until the ball joints pop loose, also ensure you place a nut at the end of the ball joint threads
to protect them.

The parts Thom has manufactured are made from billet 6061-T6 w/ aerospace quality machining, much stronger and weight about the same as the OEM cast pieces. The inserts are made from self lubricating polymer. The mounting areas are thicker than OEM and have added radii and filets in the correct locations to reduce any stress build up. Overall it’s an impressive kit with much design consideration and revisions to make it fit right and work properly the first time. A great design, certainly on par or better than the way Honda would have designed it. Way better engineered than OEM.

Thom doesn’t have an alignment rack so he eye-balled the rear setting before the short trip to the local Honda/Acura dealer alignment rack. In the end, we ended up -1.2, -1.2 camber on both sides and .02" total toe. I was stoked.

To check the possible heat increase the new pivots created I used a laser pyrometer that I had purchased to check.
After 3 hours of freeway driving in low 90F, the temp of the
kits were between 120-140F on both sides and my rear tires were115-125-130F from outside-in. So they stay pretty cool for a friction part. Travel speed was between 65-70mph.

I’ve driven over 600 miles so far and the tires look fine and the kit produced no noise, they were quiet and smooth.

This product is perfect for my application where I do not plan to track the car but want a mild setting, with a low ride height, and without killing my tires. I will be back later to give it a long term review but so far, I'm very
impressed with this product and I look forward to buy better, softer compound, tires next time. If you have tried everything like I have ie. 94+ settings, harder compound...etc. and still have excessive tire wear due to
the toe and camber, you should seriously think about having this part. At first I thought about just using lower cost tires and replace them as necessary but that defeated the purpose of driving such a great handling car.

This is a great product...actually, a smart product, that I think every NSX should have especially if you are concern about excessive tire wear. Thanks much Thom.

A little background about myself....a seasoned mech. engineer spent time with Nissan(NPTI) IMSA GTP Program in the early 90's for 3 years as a design engineer. It was the best job I could ever asked. Man, did we spent money!!
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Just for reference, can you post more pictures of your car. :smile: