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Baby DeFini is here!!!

19 May 2003
Green, New Jersey
Hey everyone,

I just want to let you know that little baby Nicholas arrived yesterday July 15th at 8:00PM (exactly) :biggrin: :biggrin: Mom, and Baby are doing extremely well. The little one weighs 7lbs 1oz, is 21 inches long and is in perfect health.

Stay tuned for some pictures and a link to the photo album...





Photo Album click here......... Baby DeFini
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Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now let's see if you can beat me to post the baby photos first. :tongue:


and, of course, TonyD's favorite
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congrats john and karen :smile:
Wonderful,brings back sweet memories!They grow fast guys :eek: Best of luck to the defini family. :biggrin:
John and Karen,
Congradulations on the newest member to the DeFini family. Great head of hair. Now we really have to keep Karen and Masha away from each other. :biggrin:
Jesse and Masha
Karen, you do nice work. John, you're not too bad yourself. Congratulations - God bless the DeFini family!
Dearest John, Karen, and Baby Nicholas!

Well, yet another Nicholas in the world! Congratulations from Paula and I! Enjoy him even though he will be tons of work.

Keep Well and God Bless

I know i'm a little out of my territory here in this forum, but congratulations to John and your wife on your new son. In those photos it looks like his accelerator foot is ready to go!!! :D


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John and Karen, congratulations on a job well done, now I expect to see the 3 of you at Kid's Day, there are now no excuses!!!! Enjoy every minute, each day is a gift, and gets better!!!! :smile:
Nicholas welcome to the NSX family. You were smart and picked a great set of parents!

John and Karen CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Life is good.

:smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:
Congrates on the new edition. My best wishes to you John / Karen / Nicholas. Better start saving now for the college fund :biggrin:
karen & john: bests to you & yours on the
new addition!!!! beautiful kid!!

liegner fam in oregon sends our love...
god i miss my nsx :rolleyes:
John, Karen and Nicholas
Congrats on the latest and very handsome addition to the DeFini family.

I don't have to tell either of you to continue taking and posting lots of pictures :biggrin:

Wishing you all health, happiness and an incredibly wonderful future together :biggrin:

Alan, Josh and Karen :cool:
Congrats to Karen & john;

A new chapter in the life of the Defini Family; they go by fast my Boys(Joe &
Lou) are now 28 & 27 yrs old - seem like they were just born yesterday..
Take lots of pictures &" it doesnt get better - just get different" Cars,Boats,
Planes,& Girls..

Good luck to you BOTH & BABY NICK

Clem & Lori Beauchemin :smile: :smile: :smile: