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Back in the saddle

7 April 2012
Manchester Tennessee
My mystery noise was found...when we dropped the oil pan and what was left of a bearing was there.
Contacted Science of Speed first. Standard rebuild price $5860, plus $2800 for crank and then anything else they might find wrong added to it. Not an issues with price but they were 5 weeks out on having the piston sets and no core for quick swap out.

I took it to Accurate Automotive south of Nashville for the work.They specialize in Honda and Acura's. They found two 3.0 engines for me, 1st was 70k miles '91 and 2nd was 40k miles on a '92. A 30 day warranty was offered with either. Troy the service manager went to work on the companys that had the motors. The final price was $5k for the one with only 40k on it. The other didn't want to deal.

Total cost with removal and install including, swapping my new water pump and belt over from the old motor, steam cleaning and finally taking the best looking bits from both motors was $7500.

Gave her a bath this morning and put 150 miles on her.
So glad to be back behind the wheel.:cool:
No mistreatment from my part and still clueless to the cause. Going through the past records of the car the timing belt and water pump was replaced at 114K miles and the clutch at 111k miles, so no leads there. Accurate says my exhaust is not stock but no name stamped that was seen to the maker. I can't find any records of this change from the previous owners paper work. The cold air intake was also not done by previous owner but still nothing as far as leads to the cause.
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