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Bad Igniter? Help!

10 December 2001
Miami Florida
I have a 92 NSX with all the goodies but for some aparent reason the car when i start it it idles funny for 5 seconds the idle keeps bouncing from 200 to 1000rpm or somtimes the engine just keeps cranking over and starts after 5 seconds also the car is running rich could this be the Igniter or and idle control valve problem?
Hey all,
One of the most common idle complaints I see from NSX owners is the fluctuating idle.
The first thing to try is to simply reset the computer. The second thing to check is the coolant level. And also to make sure it's bled out well. The third thing to check is the base idle. Here's how you do it.
Let the car warm up to normal operating temp, (cooling fans come on two times), then turn the engine off. Look in the engine compartment just below the fuel line at the rear fuel rail. You will see a sylindrical looking deal about two to three inches long with a conector on the bottom of it. This is your EACV valve. (electronic air control valve). Disconect the conector from the valve. (Easier said than done), then start the car, you will more than likely have to open the idle screw a bit so the car will idle after you start it. You will also have to feather the throttle after the engine starts. SLOWLY let off of the throttle until the engine idles. (it will idle very low if you don't open the screw first, if it idles at all. If you can't seem to keep the car running, you will have to open the screw a bit). Then, after the car is stabilized and will idle on it's own, check to make sure all of the power accessories are turned off, i.e. heater, a/c, radio, wipers, you get the idea. Then check the idle speed. It should be around 650 + or - 50 rpms. (600 + or - for an automatic). If it's too high, screw the idle screw in very slowly until the idle stabilizes, then check it again. (The idle screw is on the throttle body, it will be facing the drivers side of the car on a 3.0 model and facing the front of the car on a 3.2 model. It may also have grey paint covering the screw gap, so if it's never been tinkered with, you'll have to remove the grey paint to adjust it). Once you get the idle set to it's proper rpm range, you can turn the car off, reset the computer, reconect the EACV valve and see how it does. If it's still fluctuating, you may have clogged air passages in the throttle body or other probs. Usualy the igniter will cause it not to start at all, or die for no apparent reason. I don't think that's the case here.
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