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10 May 2001
HI all. Ok i tried everything that you guys told me to do. From unpluging the horn sirens to taking the fuse out. iether way the car wont start it turns over but will not start. I called the dealer and they told me that they need the serial number for the factory alarm so that they can order a box from Kenwood factory. I think the spare key cused must of the problems. I think they mean the keyless entery box. They told me that the serial number is on the driver side door. The only serial number that i could find is right by the side skurt. But i think there might be one inside the door. Anyways any suggestions on where i could get that serial number for the factory alarm? I tired evey ones advise but it didnt work and i cant even drive the car to the dealer. thanks mustafa.
If alarm is armed, you would not be able to crank the engine.

-- Chris