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Bay Area club meeting May 7th + future events

14 October 2001
San Jose, CA
Bay area NSX members.

Our club has been meeting at the Milpitas location for quite some time. A few members have come up with some ideas for new venues. Here we go...

For May 7th, this Saturday, we will NOT meet at Macaroni Grill this month. Instead, we'll be meeting at Apex Motorsports in Santa Clara for a Dyno Day! You don't have to sign up for the dyno run but are welcome to attend to watch the action. Meeting time is 9am and the dyno pulls begin. Afterwards, we'll have lunch at a local restaurant in the area around noon.

Located at 2555 Lafayette St #122 in Santa Clara, (408) 588-0075. A link to a visual map is on the NSXCA Northwest website.

The latest developments on this event are currently posted on this thread.

Planned events for the June meeting are for a tour of Opak Racing in San Bruno (distributor of Spoon sports products) and for July, a gathering at Marin Acura, lunch and drive in the backroads of Marin. Also, a "regrease your window track" day at a fellow NSX Prime member's tint shop in either San Leandro or Fremont is in the works as a seperate Sunday event.
Thanks for posting Vytas!

Located at 2555 Lafayette St #122 in Santa Clara, (408) 588-0075. http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?a...sz=Santa+clara+ca&country=us&new=1&name=&qty=

When you arrive you'll see our old location. It's the next building over by the "Auto Body Shop"

As you enter the parking lot you can park on the side of our building we have fenced off area where we can fit about 15-20 cars. (Good picture opportunity)

There will be Coffee, Orange Juice, water, and Donuts!

After the Dyno we can all decide on where to eat. I know there is a Chili's in Santa Clara next to CompUSA with a big parking lot maybe we can go there.