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Bay Harbor Concours---Northern MI

30 April 2003
Indianapolis, IN
Just an FYI. I'll be there, though I have no NSX to bring :(. It's a great event. Classic cars, exotics, and beautiful boats. Here are some of the pics I took last year. I apologize for the size of some of them. Info on the even can be found at the link below. Hope to see some of you there. Contact me via PM if you hope to attend. I'd love to meet some of you!


295Resize of Bay Harbor 04 004.jpg

652Resize of Bay Harbor 04 005.jpg

373Resize of Bay Harbor 04 037.jpg

169Resize of Bay Harbor 04 038.jpg

136Resize of Bay Harbor 04 012.jpg

199Resize of Bay Harbor 04 pt 2 045.jpg

620Bay Harbor 04 019.jpg

923Bay Harbor 04 068.jpg
The following weekend there is a large show at St. Ignace, MI (just on the n. side of the bridge), but it's almost entirely made up of muscle cars. I go every year, because I love just about all things automotive, but it may not be your bag. In any case, PM me when you are headed up here. I'd love to meet up if your schedule allows...
I noticed that you have not posted much in awhile, and now fired up again. (must have been dealing with the home purchase huh?)

Yeah muscle cars are not really my bag, but I am sure I will see tham, because I will be driving through there at some time. I will be near Kalkaska all week on a lake, but will head to the dunes a day, Traverse a day, and Bay Harbor, Charlevoix, Petosky area for a day.

NSX 3.0 will be up there right after the 4th of July as well.
home purchase took up some time, yes. And I have a new puppy (look for SOS puppy thread in Off-Topic), so he gets much of my spare time. And sadly, because I don't yet own an NSX, my focus turned from the car and the board. BUt when you love something, you always come back to it. I'm bound and determined to pick up an NSX in the spring of 06, given the promotion I just got at work.

I work in Traverse, and live just off of M-72, so you'll be heading past me I'm sure. If you arn't familiar with the area, I'd love to show you some out-of-the-way places I love to drive (north of Harbor Springs is a DREAM). Again, PM me. I'd love to catch up with you for lunch or dinner some day. And chance to see an NSX in person here is something I'd hate ot miss. I'll have to watch for NSX 3.0 also...
The show looks cool....I wish I had time to get up there.
I went to the boat/yacht show today, and ran into a friend of mine, Ron Frost od Lamborghini of Ohio. He will be there next weekend with an orange Gallardo and a pewter Murcielago. There will also be a handful of Bentleys, RR, and probable a Porsche or two. Ron is a great guy, and I'm sure would be happy to give any of us an up-close look at any car there. Just one more reason to show up...
Last call. I'm going up tonight. Maybe I'll get pics up tonight sometime. Real show is tomorrow. Plus there is a small local car show on Sunday. Feels like it should be a good weekend...