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Wheels BBS rs 3 piece forged wheels Authentic- $1000 obo

23 March 2009
BBS rs 3 piece forged wheels Authentic- reduced!!

I have an authentic and genuine set of forged BBS rs three piece wheels
Becoming quite rare, made in Japan with licensing from BBS product of Germany.
I'm in Fair oaks CA

Front: rs 306, 8 x 16 offset 43. 5x114.30 center bore 70.0
Rear: rs 307, 9 x 17 offset is 42. 5x114.30 center bore is 64.0
Wheels are in good condition for being over 20 years old.
Only minor fading and scratching on some.

Comes with wrench for center nut, BBS lug nuts

Tires are:
Kumo Ecsta supras: front: 225/45 zr16, rear 255/40 zr17
good tread left but rubber is old.

---FROM BBS-----
The legendary RS wheel is the real BBS classic in road wheels. It was the first 3-piece wheel on the market and came 1983. The RS wheel was produced until 1995. The wheel center was made out of forged aluminum and finished in brilliant Silver or gold. A lot of versions from 15 to 17 inch were available, most of them fixed with 34 bolts. Usually RS wheels had the center fitted between the inner and the outer rim half, sealed by a special sealing glue.

If nowadays somewhere rim halves or bolts for BBS RS wheels are offered, than these parts come from disassembled original wheels or are reproductions of other manufacturers.


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Some research suggest BBS lug nuts are titanium... not sure how to test this, but they seem light
Bumped yesterday and it didn't work??? day early it said??
I wonder if there is a way to edit the title to reflect the price drop!!!
price drop...
bumpers... I'll take some pics of them mounted on my car as soon as I get my suspension in.1000obo
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