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BBSC 8 Rib 4 pc Custom pulley upgrade kit "Now Available"

24 November 2006
Hey guys unfortunately the 10 rib kit is not going to work the belt after getting everything on touches the chassis so this kit will be offered as an 8 rib instead.This will work & clears the chassis

Now available BBSC 8 rib 4 pc Custom Upgrade pulley kit:
1)Custom 8 rib Crank Pulley core required
2)Custom 8 rib Alternator pulley
3)Custom 8 rib Tension er Pulley
4)Custom 8 rib Supercharger Pulley (whatever boost level you want)

The belts in this size are easily available & will vary on what boost pulley you have so this will be left up to you or your mechanic to take required measurements.

Pm me for pricing
These are all special order so please allow from 7-10 days plus shipping **BBSC Crank pulley will be required for 8 rib conversion modification
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