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Beard's track car to superstar

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14 April 2019
San Diego, CA
I have now in my possession one of the original Dali Racing Track cars. I have done about as much research as I could to find the history of the car and the build and after countless hours I went as far as I could and learned as much as was available. After mulling it all over, I decided that this was the car that I had to get. There are a multitude of unknowns from modifications to their purposes to the maintenance history on the car. However, with one bolt at a time I will shed new light and birth new life into this car and give it the attention it deserves and the flare that only I can give.

I bought the car on 4/20/2020 from a gentleman who only bought it for show and drove it 200 miles in his year of ownership. Only to put a wrap on it and deliver it home. No maintenance was performed and no records for work done by previous owners. It will receive much more attention from me than that. Off the bat there are 2 lists to be made. What it has and what it doesn't.

What's missing:
- No A/C or heater
- No ABS
- No radio or associated equipment or wires
- No trunk liner or mats
- No headliner
- No interior rear panels
- No bumper turn signal lights
- Missing most interior trim pieces
- No parking brake or associated equipment
- Various scuffs and scratches to the paint and body

Thankfully, the engine harness was not hacked to pieces and left intact so re-installing various pieces won't be a complete nightmare.

Now the fun part (and also one of the main parts I'll need help with from the NSX Prime community) is what it has and what needs to be identified.

- Unknown Brand Racing Clutch
- Unknown Brand short shifter
- Rebuilt OEM 5spd tranmission

- Brake Bias Adjustment valve
- Slotted rear rotors
- Drilled front rotors
- Dali Racing Brembo big brake kit
- Dali Racing front sway bar
- Dali Racing rear sway bar
- Dali Racing rear tunnel brace
- Dali Racing full roll cage
- Tein coilover hats on OEM springs

- 2002 3.2L Engine swap
- Bonacho fuel pressure gauge
- Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
- Aeromotive fuel filter
- Dali Racing Boostzilla Supercharger kit with Vortech V-2E supercharger
- Blitz 70139 VD Blow off valve
- Dali Racing oil catch can
- Dali Racing exhaust
- Dali Racing headers
- Dali Racing baffled oil pan
- Dali Racing track radiator kit
- SOS coolant expansion tank
- SOS Accusump System
- 18lb coolant tank pressure cap
- RC Engineering 440 fuel injectors

- NRG Short hub adapter
- NRG 2.0 Quick release
- Bride Adjustable Low max seats
- Momo F1 Concept Ergonomic steering wheel
- Dali Racing Aluminum center console
- Dali Racing Black anodized aluminum shift nob
- Dali Racing Lexan rear window divider
- Dali Racing dash
- Schroth four point racing harnesses

- Downforce carbon fiber rear diffuser
- Dali Racing front bumper air ducts
- Dali Racing Track hood
- Dali Racing carbon fiber front splitter mount
- Aluminum front splitter
- FAL plexiglass rear hatch glass
- NSX-R carbon fiber wing
- Sparco hood pins (2 sets, front and rear trunk)

- PLR Devices R-500
- AEM Digital Air:Fuel gauge
- Autometer intake temperature gauge
- Autometer boost pressure gauge
- Exhaust temperature gauge
- Odyssey racing battery
- Morosso battery kill switch
- External fuel pump switch

At this time this is all that I could make out.

The plan: Restore creature comforts and replace components that are missing with either OEM or aftermarket pieces to have a show ready, daily'd track car. Perform maintenance and establish a baseline record for service and performance. Upgrade old and outdated parts.