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Before you create a new post here!!!! DON'T


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25 August 2005
Before you create a new post here - DON'T!!!!!

This area is for NSX Club of Canada EVENTS

You may respond INSIDE an EVENT Posting but this is NOT where you post that you're looking for new rims, or a great place to get a bikini wax. The Canadian NSX Forum that this area resides INSIDE is the place for that.

All improper posts will be removed at the owners expense, towing and impound charges will apply!!!:wink:
So where do you go for your bikini wax?

I'm pleased to point out that the fact you're asking that question means you haven't even seen me with my shirt off!!!:wink:

I'm an orange bear - all over:cool:

On the other hand, I hear if you leave Zymol on for a few days the hair will just fall away....:confused:
Trust me, I won't be trying it myself!
But what if the guys in the club need stuff I have for sale and I don't want to sell it to greedy Americans?

Or what if I need to slag someone in the club? Surely this is the place for it.
everyone is a smart ass - some are better than others....Just don't sell Ondrovic anything without a substantial mark-up...