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Bense Dispute

24 September 2007
Hopw about you check you emails, phones, any form of contacts, its been 4 years and you still screwed me out of 1000$, now pay up for that engine you promised youd give me that you blew up. I haven't forgotten, i'm still waiting Andrew Bense...
prime is not a judicial instrument but what exactly occurred between you 2?
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believe me I didnt want to do this. Its been over 2 years at least since he has replied to my phone (hes blocked my numbers), doesnt answer my IMs, emails, hes still active on here and facebook and all. he owes me 1000$. i fronted him the money cause he was short on rent, hey i knew him for over 10 years, we talked on the phone quite a lot, we learned a lot from each other, so he wasnt some dude i knew. you wouldnt think someone would be your friend THAT long to screw ya over a grand. The money was a loan for his rent that we agreed woulda been partial payment for a bluetop H22 engine that he claims he blew up. No engine. So I wanted that money back.

a buddy of mine also lost 600$ from him supposedlly over a manual transmission the dude was gonna put in an old Odyssey minivan, cool conversion. and theres at least 1 more but I cant substantiate that at this time.

This is a total last resort, everywhere I seem to find hm he stops answering, except on here where he pretends not to get these messages. Last we spoke he agreed to a payment plan of 50$ a month till it was paid off. never paid.

Well bense, in order for you to try and give your side of the story, you'll; have to actuall respond here. Now I can site YOUR arrests, you have three and your mugshots are public domain out of south carolina and found on google within 5 seconds. I have all the conversations, paypal transaction (i sent it as a gift otherwise id have long ago filed a dispute). If you contact me and begin repayment, ALL of this anger and my shit posted online and everywhere else will be pulled, I will apologize for any names I called you (remember its not harassment, you are in COLLECTIONS and i am your debtor). Furthermore I will forgive you for ignoring me too and hey maybe someday we could even be friends again.

Or you can keep being a dick and ignore this too and my hunt for your friends and family contact will continue till I find you. Do the right thing.
My take on what you posted ......in general a personal loan ( friend to friend or to family with hopes of a barter or repayment) is a murky and opaque transaction that imho should be considered a gift....
Yes this is true, it was technically for an engine though, so in short its theft. I'd try and make a legal case out of it but I think he might be broke now and after any legal fees, might not be able to afford to refund me what he scammed off of me. Bense, if you get this, pay up.