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22 February 2000
vancouver canada
I have heard the structure of the M's air filter is the same as the K&N cone filter. Is it true?? I'm also looking for the HKS aircleaner for my NSX due to its specail looking, but I have no idea which air filter perform the best?
Thank for helping
depends what you looking for. Best filtering? then stay with stock paper filter. Most performance? run your engine with no filter and let it die after a few hundred miles. All of the aftermarket filter has different filtering and sound qualities. you really have to listen to them to decide which one you want. If you want cool carbon fiber jet engine looking intake, than spend $800 and get the Gruppe M's special air cleaner. If you want the green mushroom of the HKS, then get it. It's all about personal preference on sound. Dont look for any performance gain with just changing a filter. Look at my website for a comparasion between the Comptech intake and Guppe M intake. I've had them both

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Actually, running no filter can dramatically hurt performance according to the dyno information on Dali Racing's site.

To me, it sounds like a K&N drop-in replacement is the most cost-effective way to go. Of course, you lose the great sound an intake will give you.
I think GruppeM supercharger will serve you good, with just an air intake you won't be able to beat me
but you'd kick Jack's boxster ass though

side note: hey Tommy, I raced an RX-7 on saturday, too bad there were cars blocking our way, but we got up to like 160 within seconds on Shelbourne, heh~!
hey Jus..needless to say anything
just come out and race me? I'm always here for you
or I can just race you using the factory filter and kick ur butt too
If you are going to get a drop in replacement I would go with the comptech/UNI filter element. The K&N *REDUCES* the filteration area whereas the UNI maintains the filter area. Also, there are actual dyno results from the UNI filter by CT rather than just claims from K&N. I have one in mine and it works great.

As far as HKS, I would not do it if you have some kind of cold air induction going on. On a previous car I actually found SAND in the filter material on the INSIDE where the funnel stack was. HKS looks nice, flows well, and filters like s*&%.

What are the dyno results from Comptech for the Uni filter? Didn't find any on their site.
I'll be damned if a replacement filter can provide any increase in HP. And dyno is the most inacurrect measurement of HP. FYI, a 10 degree difference in temprature, or even how the car is placed on the drums can have have more effect on the measured HP than would a replacement air filter. In fact, even a complete different intake would not give you any significant increase. If you want to change your stock air intake, do it for sound, do it for looks.

George Wang

Please visit my NSX tuning page! Mods, Japanese NSX related stuff, pics!

Comptech published a catalog that stated that the filter alone would give you a 4 HP increase, 8 with their filterbox. I will check those numbers tonight. To the best of my knowledge there were not Dyno graphs but Comptech is about as reputable of a company/speed shop as I can think of. Of course they sell the filter but it would behove them not to lie, I for one am inclined to believe them.

I don't think Comptech would lie but I do remember the contreversy regarding their claimed 100hp increase from their SC. However, it's more like a 75 - 80 hp flywheel increase IF you have the exhaust, header, and intake as well.

I'm really surprised that NSX intakes don't do at least 10hp to the wheels. It tells me that Honda really made the intake with minimal sacrafices for noise and space or that no one has played with different pipe lengths and diameters for HP.

I remember reading about the S2000 getting an extra 10hp to the wheels with just a K&N replacement (not even a cone). That's 250+hp from a 2.0 liter!
J Choice:

I do remember the same 100 HP increase from the SC. So I guess we are both right to a degree.

The main purpose of my putting the UNI filter in was that my old filter was getting old. I also put in a cold air intake that shoves air into the airbox. I was hoping to have positive pressure in the airbox. Not SC positive pressure but enough that the engine did not have to suck to get air in, it just has to open. For what I use the filter for and with the cold ait intake I *can* feel a noticable difference in power. Not huge mind you but noticable. Also, since the intake is now piped to the side intake directly the sound is 100% better. It is pretty cool to rev my engine and put my hand next to the side intake and feel the suction:)

The UNI filter was my choice for a few reasons:
1. I have not the money for a SC so, torque lacking, I did not want to reduce the amount of torque and according to Dali R. Most open air cone filters Reduce Torque.

2. I wanted to maintain a stock look, I have had many intakes on many cars and it gets old switching them out for smog. Call me lazy, I do :)

3. I wanted to add my cold air intake and it works best with air boxes IMHO since the cold air is not directed at a tiny portion of the filter as in the case with RM.

I hope this helps, I tend to ramble.

I think the best filter for the NSX would be a tube that goes into the wheelwell (like the iceman for civics)....with a LARGE K&N cone filter....somekind of shield in front of it so water will not hit it (ryntech makes something like that a polished shield)directly...now air from the sidevents will get right at the filter. Mark J. u listening out there?

What cold air intake system are you using? My problem with foam filters is that they don't filter very well. I've also heard of foam filters slowly falling apart and putting bits of foam into engines.

I took apart my intake tonight to see what I could see.

I can't seem to feel where that stock pipe goes that starts at the bottom of the filter and goes down towards to the wheel well. It certainly doesn't seem to be getting air from the side vent.

I am using a custom intake that removes the OEM duct. What you are feeling is the OEM intake tract. It goes into the wheel well and runs parallel to the top the the fender well. It bends upward and if you look into the side intake duct you will not be able to see it.

To really get a good picture of what you need to do, raise your car, remove the rear drivers wheel and take off the wheel well cover. That consists of about 4 phillips head screws and a bunch of pop pins. Once off you will see exactly what I mean. It is actually very simple and I am looking into perhaps molding something out of carbon so that the intake matches up exactly with the side intake port. Only problem with that is that I will have to totally remove it for the winter since I drive in the rain.

Foam is okay. The UNI filter is a dual stage filter that uses oil as a collector. It also has a metal internal structure so it remains intact. As far as the foam drying up and getting into your engine, I guess that is a possibility. I really could not tell you. Amsoil makes filters that are foam and they claim that theirs filters *Better* than paper? Go figure. I too somtimes worry that I may be jeapordizing engine life.

Its all really a crap shoot when you make and engine go faster.
Does anyone sell the Uni Filter besides Comptech?

I'm interested in pipelength tuning rather than just ducting cold air. I think you would only get positive pressure at 100+mph speeds.
Try Neuspeed. I know they sell foam filter for Audi and VW. They sell parts for Acura too. See if they can get the filter for u.

What do u mean by pipe length tuning? What performance gain would it be by various lenght intake pipe? If u want some kind of force induction. Check out www.electricsupercharger.com. And let me know how it does.


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If you find a specifice pipe length that works well let me know and I may change from the stock box to a aftermarket filter. I don't think there is enought room in the wheel well to mount a large filter in there and maintinance would be a bear. But let me know what you find, I would be interested.


I've worked with the guys at electric supercharger before. They are very honest about their product and if you look at the theory - it should work. However, *we* could not get it to produce any horsepower.

Different intake lengths cause different effects on horsepower. On most cars it seems, there is a horsepower improvement in the midrange (without affecting other parts of the hp range) if the intake pipe is lengthened.