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Best price on a new 2001

19 April 2001
I have big time regrets for selling my 98 and now a local dealership is offering me a REALLY good deal on a new 01. With all incentives, what is the best price a new 01 has sold for? Does anyone know? Thanks.
Thanks for the response. I think this dealer is dumping this car so they can get another '02 to sell. I guess I might have to get another NSX...hope I don't regret it
How could you ever regret buying an NSX, especially a brand new one for a great price, unless you really cannot afford it. BTW, what color is it?

Gary Yates
1995 Red/Tan
Well, in the past on my 97 and 98 NSX's, I've "regretted" for different reasons:

Once, I thought it was too flashy and was scared to park it anywhere, thus making it impractical to drive every day. So I sold it.

The next time, I decided to get a 996 b/c I thought the car was more sophisticated. So I sold it. (then too many 996's started showing up)

Now is probably the worst time to be buying a high end car and that's what I hope I don't regret.

See?...it's simple.
I got my new 2000 about a year ago for $71.3K. That was a great deal. What is the deal they are making for the Silver '01??

'00 Candy Apple Blue / Black, #264