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best romantic/comedy movies


Are you planning a movie-nite for everyone @ the next NSXPO?

Romantic-comedies can be hit-or-miss! Personal recommendations...

French Kiss


The Wedding Singer

There's Something About Mary

Meet the Parents

10 Things I Hate About You

Groundhog Day

Mickey Blue Eyes

The 40 Year Old Virgin



Wedding Crashers

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Father of the Bride



Honeymoon in Vegas

Sixteen Candles


The Princess Bride

Coming to America
Accidental Tourist

He Said, She Said
Check out some of the older Goldi Hawn/Chevy Chase flicks and presently her daughter / Matthew McConaughey flicks
Sideways and Love Actually.

Both are awesome.
Sideways and Love Actually.

Both are awesome.

Sideways may qualify as a "Romantic Comedy"- but if looking for a date movie, I would vote "against".

Honestly, the first time I watched it I was on a date, and she got REALLY aggitated about the whole cheating before your wedding, and lying to the woman you are interested in angles of the plot...

I would say she was just over sensitive, but most women that have said anything about the movie say the same things- "What? that movie about the scumbag that cheats on his fiancee with that girl from Grey's Anatomy?- that movie (expletive) sucks".

Delirious...with John Candy

Addicted to Love....with Meg Ryan
Just Friends
I'm sorry, I can't get behind that sentiment. :biggrin: