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Best way to repair damage from taps on wires?

I successfully used a butt connector and a splice crimp today and fixed my problem. My number one coil wire was hanging on by like 2 strands and was probably the culprit. It broke off when I was trying to strip back the insulation, thus the butt connector



Sensor ground was also super damaged and got the splice treatment without severing the wire. I added another wire in there to take up space and serve as a splint within the splice connector. After this pic, I clipped the green wire and added shrink tube:


PSA: never use taps!!!!!!
You need to be careful with RTV. Some use acetic acid as the curing agent (the smell gives it away) and the curing agent can cause corrosion on metal parts. There are RTVs that use different curing agents than acetic acid; but, you need to shop to find them. Permatex, Plasti Dip and Gardner Bender make something called liquid electrical tape which may be a better choice than RTV.
Very good point. Great for a salad dressing, not so much with copper wires.