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Best way to watch MOTOGP in TX

21 December 2010
San Antonio area
Hey folks...long time F1 fan. A few years ago, I really started getting into MOTOGP. Pound for pound, I find it much more exciting than F1 (sounds much better too). At any rate, when I first started watching (I live in San Antonio, TX) the races were on FS1, FS2. A couple of years ago MOTOGP all but disappeared from cable TV...at least in TX. I've got enough subscriptions to various services and REALLY don't want to add another. Outside of purchasing a MOTOGP subscription, what are my options for watching MOTOGP?

Thanks in advance!

For a couple of years, I wasn't able to get the F1 races. I found them on Univision (with Spanish language commentary) on a small tape delay, something like a couple of hours.

I am not sure if Sky Sports.com (the same folks who cover the F1 races) stream the events now, or if foxsports.com does, but it is worth a try.

And finally, not sure of the legal ramifications, is bit torrent download. Or possibly something through kodi. I don't know how to do either, but would think it would work. There used to be a site adthe.com (or something like that) that streamed all kinds of sporting events, for legal and possibly offshore gambling. It was shut down a few years back, though. But there might be a replacement.

I miss the glory days of Valentino Rossi against Sete Gibernau!
Thanks for the response. My brother-in-law is a Kodi freak so I might see what he can dig up. It amazes me how little motorsport the US consumes outside of our borders. I really started watching MotoGP about the time Mark Marquez came into prominence (2013?). What a great and exciting series. And the sounds these bikes make is amazing! Like the F1 cars before they went hybrid. Cheers.