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Beware of PSE Superchargers!!

Ya know, I get the feeling that Ed is probably a good guy in real life. A guy who cares deeply about his business but is not great at P.R. in the digital age. I recommended to him that he pay an English teacher to proof and format his online communications and he told me to butt out.

Ed, if you're reading this, please reconsider my advice. This is the internet, perception is reality. Your wall-o-text rebuttals are _not_ helping your cause.
REVIVING AN OLD THREAD because I feel compelled to warn folks about Ed. After coming across and reading through this whole thread I feel compelled to share my recent experience with "Ed Martinez at PSE Superchargers".

B.L.U.F. is that Ed runs a dishonest business and swindles car enthusiasts out of hard earned money to line his pockets. My experience is below and the only thing that has changed is that Ed now requires upfront wire transfers to get started; cant reverse those! I have a Lysholm Supercharger for my car and they are no longer produced; so I had to rely on one of a few places that had the "knowledge, desire, and skill" to complete the rebuild.

As we all know by now Ed Martinez and PSE Supercharger or The Blower Store (whichever name he uses to cover his tracks) states that he rebuilds superchargers of all kinds for all manufactures which is likely an exaggeration. I researched on the web and found PSE/Blower Store and Jon Bond as possible rebuild companies. Neither answered my calls timely and finally Ed answered and spoke with me regarding my supercharger rebuild issue.

He is cordial on the phone and will take the time to answer your questions and texts while generally seeming to care about you as a customer and his business/relationships within the industry. I have a 3.3 Lysholm that locked up on me while driving. I knew it was in need of a rebuild and really liked the uniqueness of the blower and wanted to save it. Ed said he used to "work for Autorotor" and helped design the Ford GT supercharger kits; seemed very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does (because he knows the payday comes after he gets your money and walks away). Fast forward, we agreed to have Ed rebuild my blower and build another unit from Whipple so I had a spare; he completed an invoice for $6180 on 23 April 2021 and I then wire transferred the amount on 28 April 2021 to his bank account....HUGE RED FLAG, but he preys on those who are in a bind like a coward.

I then shipped him my supercharger via FedEx per his instructions; this alone was another $250. Ed was responsive for three weeks with letting me know he received the supercharger and then once he had conducted his initial teardown. We spoke after and he said the case and rotors were not usable because the rotors contacted the case and marred both rendering them useless; this was likely the only factual statement he told me to date. After that, he fell off the grid silent for almost 6 weeks with no communication whatsoever despite calls, texts and emails to check in.

I got a text 6/22/2021 stating that he had suffered a stroke and is in the hospital recovering. His boyfriend then goes on to tell me that Ed is recovering and they are trying to "piece things back together" and appreciate the consideration. I then gave him two weeks to let someone contact me as they said would happen; you guessed it, NOTHING! I again sent texts, emails, and called trying to reach him for three weeks until I called from another number and Jeff answered (who sounded and acted just like Ed). We spoke for about 10 minutes and he stated that he thought my order was completed and fulfilled, but he would look into my invoice and get back with me in two days.

Another week went by and nothing, I called out of the blue one day and was able to reach him; spoke to Ed/Jeff. He explained that the Whipple case had the wrong coupler sent and he had to send it back to Whipple for the correct part(s). At this point I was fed-up! I called Whipple and confirmed that the case was built; it was just sitting with multiple attempts to reach Ed to pay for the unit since the invoice was never paid for (the whole reason he said I had to wire transfer so he could pay for the unit before it was built) and it has not ever been shipped out of their warehouse...just sitting on their shelf collecting dust.

30 August 2021, after another multiple text, email, calls episode finally caught Ed off-guard and he answered as "Ed Martinez PSE Supercharger". Once I told him who I was and that my request was for a full refund and parts shipped back to me he hung up the phone and wouldn't answer my calls again. I have submitted formal complaints to both TX and OK Attorney Generals office, submitted a Federal Trade Commissions complaint, Better Business Bureau complaint along with hiring a lawyer who is sending Ed some documents to ask if he wants to take responsibility for his breech of contract and dishonest business practices.

So in closing, I would ask that you NEVER do any business with Ed or Jeff at PSE Supercharger or The Blower Store unless you like wasting money and being swindled by a automotive con artist.

Balls in your court Ed! You state emphatically in this very thread that you run a tight business and are very honest...I assume you tell yourself that lie repeatedly so that at some point your delusional self believes your own lies!