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Beware of Tom Bell & TrackJunkieParts.com

6 December 2002
Santa Barbara, CA USA
Also goes by RP-Motorsports. This is one unscrupulous snake in the grass and I urge all others to avoid this thief.

Tom Bell makes a claim that he has access to TR Motorsports MT-1 wheels that clear Stoptech BBKs. He advertised this on NSXPrime - "A great Zanardi-ish looking wheel that clears the Stoptech kit!"... "Easily clears the Stoptech BBK without the use of spacers!" He shows a picture of the caliper clearance on the front wheel only, and as it turns out, this is the only wheel that will clear the Stoptech calipers. The rear wheel will require a custom 6mm spacer to clear the Stoptech caliper...ask me how I know. He still has not changed his website and continues to promote the Stoptech BBK clearance lie, which tells me he has no intention of admitting his lie. Do not be his next victim. I urge you to spend your money elsewhere and do the NSX community a favor and drive these types of business owners from this site.

After nearly two months Tom Bell will not return phone calls or emails or pms. I must say that I did reach him once and he promised to send custom hubcentric spacers to remedy the problem. This turned out to be just one more lie. Are you surprised? I'm not. Tom Bell owes me a full refund, but I doubt he cares enough about his reputation to clear his name.

Here is the best irony...taken right from his own website:

..."Just because we have expensive cars, there is no reason why we should get RIPPED OFF by suppliers who fail to ship, charge 5x actual shipping cost, and sell at or above MSRP. I am here to help my fellow enthusiasts to make their great investment even better without breaking the bank"

"Tom Bell - owner/racer"

Tom, go back to selling blue lights to the kids, it's obvious to me that's where you belong.

Chris Klinger - and I'll spare you with my credentials...lol