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Powertrain Billet Oil Pump Gear - NEW

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Oct 8, 2001
St. Louis, MO
SOLD - Billet Oil Pump Gear - NEW

I have a NEW billet oil pump gears from Pro Drive, these were sold through Dali Racing and are the same gear sold by other vendors as well. They are a very good idea to use to replace the OEM gear if you intend to add forced induction and/or intend to track the car. These are added insurance against oil pump failure due to high RPM use on the track. Gears are CNC machined out of billet steel and heat treated for long life

These have to be installed by someone who knows what they are doing as the oil pump housing needs to be clearanced for the new gear. These are brand new still in the sealed packaging. You can send in your oil pump to SOS, CT-Engineering, or Driving Ambition and have them do the machine work on the pump and have it ready to go or use your local machine shop to do the work. Seems most of the vendors are forcing you to use their service and buy their gear now and sell the gear as a kit or $699.00 + $750.00 core fee on the pump itself.

I am selling the oil pump gears for $250.00 Shipped in the US. You are buying the gear set only and will have to have your pump prepped for the gear set.


Sold Thanks Mario


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