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BILLY did you do this?

Congrats again billy.
If you have Speed Channel you can watch it this Sunday (6/17) at Noon Eastern Time (9:00AM Pacific).
Congrats Billy! Nice strategy and great job holding back the Camaro and the 911 on the last couple of laps.

HART/HPD Civic too in ST Class!

Was an exciting race. Lots of rubbing and bumping and straight thuggery. Fun

+1!!! Would have been a blast to be in that race!
Just saw this congrats Billy keep up the good work. :smile:
Great job Billy! Do you have any thoughts as to the Continental branded Hoosier and Hoosier R6? We ran the Continental SCC tires recently and were surprised by the lack of grip compared to the R6.

-- Chris
Yes the Grand-Am tire has been around for many years and is more endurance-based with less outright grip and speed than the R6.
Thanks guys!

Finally finished watching the 6 hour Rolex Series Enduro Race at the Glenn. Nice driving on the 2nd stint on the Turner Motorsports M3 in the GT class.

Shame that Bill Auberland did not have a chance to chase down the Stevenson's Camaro for the win due to the many full course yellow that happened that severely shortened the end of the race.