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Bird Turd Chicken Anyone?

6 November 2002
This happened once before last year, but this year they really want all out.

Over the winter the cover on my BBQ grill was blown off and ripped to shreds. I never bothered replacing it and birds decided to take up residence in it. I should have kicked them out from the beginning, but didn't have the heart to do it. They raised a little family in there and I was just about ready to start charging them rent when they finally left on their own. I finally got my grill back!

It took me all weekend to take it apart piece by piece and thouroughly clean it. I should have called and had a hazmat crew present. After I was done we grilled some chicken, which my wife lovingly referred to as "bird turd chicken". :smile:

Here's some pics I took before I destroyed what they left behind. I used the powers of eminent domain and tore down their home. I figured it was best for the public. :biggrin:


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