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Black NSX spotted in Knoxville, TN....

25 March 2007
Knoxville, TN / Washington D.C.
...Oh wait....IT'S MINE. :tongue::biggrin:

Pics of the new car purchased 8/8/08 ( yeah it's taken me a bit. :tongue: )






Thanks to jebzter who sold me the beautiful machine, and to all others who've coached me and encouraged me through this trying process.
Congrats from a fellow blk/blk guy in Chattanooga. Hope to see ya sometime.
Good to have you, we seem to have a bunch in the area, cool.:biggrin:
The Berlina community welcomes you back!:biggrin: Congratulations!!!

Please keep the greasy side down this time, I know it's never greasy but you know what I mean.

Nice to see you back Jared!

The pics make me miss Knoxville. Enjoy the chile verde at soccortaco for me.
Very clean, nice!

So when do the inevitable mods begin!? :biggrin:
Very clean, nice!

So when do the inevitable mods begin!? :biggrin:

Oh they have begun, but I am not doing anything with the exterior or interior.
Possibly some suspension upgrades ( sways and bushings ) and a few engine related accessories.
Awesome! You with the 278th? I used to be in R/4/278th 'til I lost my arm over in Afghanistan! I'll try to let ya know when I bring mine over to Knoxvegas!

I'm not, but my father was (D/1(?)/278) and I told him I'd get the tag on one of my future cars. The Z didn't have the euro bumper on yet before I sold it so I decided to put her on the NSX.
Congratulations. Glad to see you got it. Looks nice. My first one was black/black.

I just got the OEM lugs because some of the ones on the car were polished and some were black.

New tires on the 98+ OEMs too!

Last night was the first time I had driven the car in nearly 2 weeks after blowing a coolant hose.
So you didn't post half those pics on Tennspeed. Why's that? lol, you only let everyone see like 2 pics