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black NSX with painted calipers

Here you go:

Mine are more orangish-red than Vega$'s and I haven't painted the "NSX" letters:

make that 3


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anyone have a black nsx with polished silver calipers or chrome, i've seen the white car with it, but i'm curious how bling the polished silver calipers would look
menuserve said:
so far two Blacks with Red calipers... anyone have other colors?
I have black calipers but my car is in the shop. Will take a pic when I get it back.
menuserve said:
so far two Blacks with Red calipers... anyone have other colors?

Is there REALLY any other choice :wink: Seriously, I thought about yellow -and think that would look great as well.
I personally think that red -or- blue -or- purple are worthy considerations for caliper colors on a blk/blk NSX. Silver (machined aluminum-look) -or- gunmetal (flatte) -or- bronze (similar the '02+ calipers and the 350Z/G35 Brembo's) -or- black (high-gloss) all are other colors that would look decent as well, especially w/ the "N-S-X" colored in a contrasting color. :cool:

I have a '91 berlina black w/ onyx interior, and I am in the same dilemma as to what color to re-finish my caliper's w/. I'm also going to subtly match my lug nuts to the caliper color... well so far it's just an idea, time will tell if I really go w/ it! :redface:

Old pic after it rained and a little hard to see but I painted it flat black. Originally had it semi-gloss but it shined too much.





trust me silver is the best, I have silver on a red nsx but the color of the car doesn't mater plus i find it looks ugly and tacky if you match caliper and car. Matching the caliper with the color of your rotors is the way to go.
The good thing about the black is that it will hide brake dust and look good all the time. Obviously it wont stand out, but when someone gets up close they will notice how nice and clean it looks. My problem with bright yellow and red is that after some hard driving all the little contours of the caliper hold that dust on there and make your freshly detailed car, and wheels, look kinda nasty.
Can those of you with a black nsx and painted calipers post pictures please...

i'm trying to decide what color my calipers should be... my nsx is blk/blk


How about 02+ oem (gold) color
Here's Nero Tenebre's with yellow calipers:


Here's a closeup of my yellow/black calipers:
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