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Blockbuster- Movies by mail free for 6 months

7 May 2010
Vancouver WA
I found this on Slickdeals.net.

Using the link below you can sign up for a free 6 month trial for 1 disk at a time. It includes video games and blu-ray disks at no additional cost. You do have to use a valid credit/debit card to sign up, so remember to cancel if you don't want the service after the trail ends.

No streaming like Netflix, but for those of us who dropped Netflix disks by mail when the rates went up, this is a pretty sweet trial. I signed up and my next billing date is 1/14/2013.

No referral bonus for me or anything cheezy like that, just wanted to share a good deal I saw. Enjoy.

Sweet find, To add I got some free AOL CD's if anyone wants them.

This is same service as Netflix by mail, which is normally 9.99/month from Blockbuster or Netflix (with 2.00 blu ray upgrade). 6 month trial = 60 dollar value.

I cancelled my netflix disk service as I didn't use it enough to justify the cost vs. 1 night red box rentals. However, free is free, and 6 months beats the typical 30 day trial buy a long shot, but to each his own I guess.

Trade you some Netscape install floppys for your cd's? :tongue:
Nice coupon - but I'm fine sticking with RedBox. Wife and I only watch maybe 2 movies a month, so my costs are about $3 bucks for Blu-Ray.
I would sign up, if they didn't make me enter a credit card. They say "cancel anytime", but I suspect canceling would be a PITA, all the while they continue to bill me. Not worth the headache.
I use to do this until the cancelled game rentals for multiple days down to one day rentals. Get two coupons every month to use towards a free movie or game. Order as many movies you want via mail and exchange them via store for more movies for free. USE to be a good system till they started messing with it. :mad: