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Body Shop!

10 May 2001
HI everyone. I am looking for a body shop in the pacific northwest (seattle-Tacoma) area that knows how to work with aluminum. If anyone knows of a good shop around please let me know thanks. It seems like even the high end shops cant work on the nsx, saying that aluminum is hard to work on and that you cant pull on it or do anykinda welding thanks.
I can't help you with the body shop since I'm located in the CA bay area but I have to tell ya that it's true aluminum is VERY hard to work with.

I have a 2002 M3 that also uses aluminum for the hood material. Little did I know that it would be such an expensive and pain-staking process. Even in the bay area, most shops won't even touch custom aluminum work.

My plan was to custom mold vents into my m3 hood since I did not like CF hood that don't fit right.

It takes special welding tools, very experienced people, and lotsa TLC to do what I wanted. I finally found a shop locally and it took over 1 month in the shop but my car is finally done.

here's a pic of the final product:

left front.jpg