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19 January 2003
Sunday Evening in Suburban Maryland (just outside of DC).

So, it's a beautiful evening and I persuaded my 34 week pregnant wife to let us take the NSX to dinner. We're cruising along down Montrose Road and I notice that there's a young guy coming the other direction who is staring at the NSX.

About 2 seconds after we pass him, we hear this BOOM! The rest of this story is conjecture, however, Res Ipsa Loquitor (the thing speaks for itself)... I assume that Mr. Young Gun was so busy staring at either my shiny car or my shiny shaved head (darn, I knew I should have closed the darkly tinted windows to prevent that) that he failed to pay attention to what he was doing and learned several physics lessons (the hard and expensive way). Fortunately, the wreck was low speed and appeared not to have caused that much in the way of damage (however, the boom was the airbag deploying - oddly it was louder than the sound of the crunching metal).

Nevertheless, we immediately called the police and fire/rescue just in case.

Made for an interesting drive to dinner. Fortunately, the balance of our evening was far less exciting!

Has your car caused a wreck? Ever wrecked because you were looking at another car?
Wow that sucks.

I once looked at a SLR in heavy traffic. Distance sensor saved me from bumping into the car in front of me.
My crx show car was parked in front of my then girlfriends law office. I was sitting in the car waiting, when i see an old holden gemini (australian) and driver having a bit of a stare fest...then slam into the rear of then new (2001) mercedes, not even slowing down.

Part 2 nondescript car & owner drives over a median strip looking at the crx.

Part 3 Police car/officer drives over a give way sign during a u -turn to catch up to me and tell me my car 'may be' defectable. :biggrin: