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Interior BOSE radio + Center Console + AC Control Unit + AC Comp Assy


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12 December 2021
BOSE radio $1k + Center Console $300 + AC Computer $200 + AC Control $100 (Florida)


Re-doing interior and have a couple of USED parts up for sale. All parts are USED and are from a 1992 NSX LOCATED IN SOUTH FLORIDA:

1) Bose radio head OEM $1,000 + shipping SOLD
- Part Number 39100-SL0-A000 version CM3939
- Cassette is NOT WORKING. Put several tapes in and cant get them to enter properly. Cassette does NOT PLAY and cassette stays "stuck" inside.
- knobs have seen better days
- radio stations work, so does the display

2) Center console OEM unaltered $300 + shipping SOLD
- Part Number 77296-SL0-A000
- Looks great, one small hairline scratch/crack (not all the way through) see picture
- top part of console is a bit scratched, but part looks good

3) Air Conditioner AC Computer ASSY, AUTO AIR CONDITIONER OEM working $200 + shipping SOLD
- Part Number 79610-SL0-A02
- back side of AC Control unit
- works as intended

4) Air Conditioner AC Control Unit $100 + shipping SOLD
- Part Number 79650-SL0-A03
- knobs have seen better days
- plastic sides are BROKEN both sides broken
- the screw fixing points are BROKEN (see pics)

image14.jpg image10.jpg image11.jpg image7.jpg image9.jpg
image16.jpg image5.jpg image7.jpg image0.jpg image10.jpg
image5.jpg image1.jpg image4.jpg image2.jpg image3.jpg
image10.jpg image7.jpg image9.jpg image0.jpg image2.jpg
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