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boyd coddington wheel dealer....??? anyone??

16 May 2004
Currently in the Middle East
Does anyone know of anyone who deals Boyd Coddington wheels?

Other then all the truck websites...not sure if they would build them right for an NSX...

Boyd Coddington has a wheel that looks like the ADR Kasai/Advan 5, in which I have been looking for for quite some time, but now I just want to find a dealer who can get the right measurements built for me the first time.

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Stacy has them on his yellow Nsx. He is doing side skirts for the nsx too awesome looking! His user name is Stacy'snsx.
I am not sure if I an help you out at all but my buddy is the canadian distributor!!
Maybe there is a way he could drop ship them so they don't have to even enter Canada.You need to know what it is you want though.They did mine and even knew the offsets because I don't.