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Brake Booster removal and install replacement

14 September 2018
Hi, does anyone have diagrams, pictures, how to to remove the brake booster and install replacement?
I can't even locate the other side (driver area lower area)...
and tools, whatever makes it easier... thank you.
Trying to replace a 91 with a na2 one.
Here is a link to the service manual.

1991 Honda / Acura NSX Service Manual 2.0 (nsxprime.com)

Page 19-12 (700 out of 1420). Look around the area where the brake pedal pushrod passes through the firewall. Should be 4 retaining bolts. They might be hidden by carpet or underlay. It has been several years since I was poking around under there and it wasn't to remove the booster so my details are sketchy. I am thinking it might be the same four bolts holding the pedal mechanism in place. Be absolutely sure to pay attention to the process for adjusting the pedal linkage and the extension on the pushrod that enters the back of the MC. There have been at least a couple of people who either didn't bother or got it wrong leading to unexpected problems.