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Brake rotor question

30 January 2001
I just recieved a set of slotted 12.4 rotors from comptech and they are made by Coleman,I searched and found only a few threads mentioning this manufacturer,anyone here know anything about the quality of Coleman say vs Brembo or apples to comquats?Thanx in advance.
Nice Ken,when I heard they were Colemans I thought of a thermos.
I saw that Comptech has Powertec?? brakes on their site now. Do they no longer sell brembos? The price sure is high.
Coleman seems to be a high end maker of these rotors and are used by a number of race venues and aftermarket brake suppliers. The Wilwood BBK uses Coleman rotors for either of their 12.4 or 13" size kits. They seem to be a good product so far as I can see.