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Brembo Parking brake setup

10 October 2000

I am looking for possibly detailed pictures or possibly drawings of this mounting setup.

I am currently finishing up a computer modeled caliper mount for my AP calipers. I too would like to have a parking brake available since it is a street car.

My question or concern is that the Comptech kit's parking brake mount will interfere with my AP radial mount. Might this be the case? I believe this caliper that Comptech uses from Brembo isn't originally designed for the NSX and it is Machined to adapt. Isn't it mounted lower than the OEM caliper, and aft of the half shaft?

Nate, from Comptech has just emailed me pictures of the caliper and the mount. Unfortunatly I still have no perspective of how it integrates w/ a "big brake" type set up.

I know that several of you have done this mod.

Any insight or pictures with a wheel off from any of you?

Thanks a Million!!

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Found all the details gang,

It's posted on Comptech's web site w/ all the details for installing their 13" big brake kit.

Thanks anyway.