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Brembo rotors on ST hats

8 July 2009
Rockville, Md
I've been looking at this post for a while and I was wondering if any of you guys would know if these rotors can work with stoptech hats?? If so any idea of how much would the hats and hardware would cost me. On the same post there is this set of brembo ebrake calipers from a viper, is there any prime member that make the brackets for the calipers?? I heard that vroomm made a set but for 14" not 13", anybody makes a set for 13"??. Thanks for your help in advance. By the way, the reason why I'm not just using brembo is because I already have ST BBk on front :) .

This is the post I'm looking at :
You may want to consult SoS about front and rear bias and mixing and matching before you attempt this...
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I'm gonna use the rotos with ST calipers, I just don't know if the rotors are the same. They seem to have the same diameter and thickness of the stoptech.
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